February 2, 2016 Harry

14 Questions You Need To Ask Your Wedding DJ


Top 14 Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Booking


In our experience as DJs we have heard every question imaginable about wedding entertainment. As every good entertainment company should, we have an answer for all of those questions. From the basic to the outlandish we have experienced it all. Just like fingerprints, no two weddings are the same, and no two couples are identical. The one thing all couples who come into our office do have in common is their inability to ask the right questions. Almost every couple calls us with important inquiries after they left. We have decided to help you out. At In The Mix Event Group we want our first meeting to be as productive as possible. Use this guide to the 14 important questions you should ask your wedding DJ. Once the small talk is out of the way we can get right to the fun stuff.


Question 1. Are you insured?

Of course! Now-a-days most venues require it. Make sure you ask this when meeting with a DJ to perform at your wedding. Liability insurance protects you and the reception site in the unlikely event that your DJ injures one of your guests. A lot of DJs don’t offer this to clients, which should be a red flag when choosing your entertainment.

Question 2. Will you be the DJ at our wedding?

Often, the person you first meet with is not the person who will be your DJ on your wedding day. This is a common practice among large agencies. Do not let a large company just send a random DJ with a print out of your requests. In The Mix Event Group will tell you who your DJ will be from the start. We don’t provide “the” DJ; we provide “your” DJ. You can meet your DJ, plan with your DJ, and even annoy your DJ with tons of emails. We make it their job to satisfy you after all.

Question 3. How many events do you perform in one day?

If a DJ has already done an event in the afternoon, they will likely be exhausted half way through your wedding, which is when they need to be the most alert and active. Your wedding DJ from in the Mix Event Group will be well rested, prepared, and ready to perform for you. Your DJ is not able to do an afternoon event the day of your wedding because they will be preparing for your big day as they should be.

Question 4. Can we visit you at a performance?

There is only one acceptable answer to this question. NO. Sorry. That is just the way it is. If an entertainment company allows this it should be considered a red flag. In The Mix Event Group would not allow a potential client to crash your wedding to see us perform, and we will not make that exception for you. However we can provide you with plenty of testimonials and reviews to hopefully put your worries at ease.

Question 5. May we meet with you in person before we sign a contract?

Some wedding DJs attempt to conduct their interviews over the telephone or through email instead of meeting face-to-face with prospective clients. There are two reasons for this – either they don’t feel you are worth their time, or they have something to hide. In The Mix Event Group invitess every potential client into our office. Come check out our headquarters. We consider our office a second home and the door is always open to you.

Question 6. Will we meet again before the wedding?

Just like in question five, some DJs will attempt to do your final meeting over the phone instead of in person. Can you say annoying? In The Mix Event Group schedules a meeting in our office two weeks prior to the wedding to go over all those final details before the big day.

Question 7. Do you offer a written contract?

A written, legal contract is one of the first indicators of whether a DJ is professional and reliable. Furthermore, a contract establishes the DJ’s obligation to you. In The Mix Event Group doesn’t just offer a written contract, we require it. You should know exactly what you are getting from us and we should know exactly what you expect us to provide. There should be no hiccups on your wedding day… unless they are from nerves!

Question 7. Have you played at our reception site before?

No matter who you hire, ask them if they have entertained at your venue before. Every venue has different challenges, different room sizes, different acoustics, and even different load in procedures. There are thousands of great venues. At In The Mix Event Group we have executed weddings at many of them. If we haven’t be assured we will take the time to contact the venue to ask all the right question so we are prepared for your wedding.

Question 8. What if something happens to you and you can’t make it to the wedding?

Most responsible professionals have some sort of backup strategy should this situation ever arise, but others do not. In The Mix Event Group always has back up DJs and emcees on call every time we have a wedding booked. You never know what could happen, and we don’t want that pesky contract from question six to be a problem.

Question 9. Do you bring backup equipment with you to the wedding?

Even the most well prepared entertainers can have something go wrong. Remember all those times you had to print a report for school and conveniently your printer just didn’t want to work the night before it was due? It happens! Your DJ needs to be prepared. Having backup equipment in a warehouse 50 miles from your reception site won’t do much good either. In The Mix Event Group will have back up equipment ready to go if the unimaginable happens on your wedding day.

Question 10. Do you have a wireless microphone?

Every professional wedding DJ should offer a wireless microphone. If a DJ does not offer it they need to upgrade asap. Imagine toasts being given, a blessing being said, and announcements being made with three miles of wire dragging across your dance floor. In The Mix Event Group won’t let that happen at your wedding. We will have microphones and backup microphones just in case. Plus we cant get a

Question 11. How much of the music can we select for our wedding?

This is an important question to ask, because some DJs prefer to control the majority of the playlist. Other DJs prefer to let the client choose the majority of the music, and then use their expertise to make it all work. The DJ should be accommodating of your music tastes, and you should trust he will take your notes into consideration when they prepare for your wedding. In The Mix Event Group DJs prefer the couple give us a list of songs they definitely want played, and also a list of songs that they preferred not be played. No matter the couple we have the right DJ ready to start the party with the music you prefer.

Question 12. How long have you been a DJ and how many weddings have you done?

The number of years someone has been a DJ does not give an indication of their experience level. Some DJs only perform a few weddings each year. Do not ask your potential DJ how long they have been a DJ. Ask them how many weddings they have done. This will give you a better idea of how experienced the DJ is and how well they will perform for you.

Question 13. Do you act as the “emcee” and make all of the announcements?

Any professional wedding DJ should be comfortable with making announcements and serving as the emcee for the wedding, it is a standard part of the job. However some DJs are not comfortable with public speaking and they pass these duties on to someone else. Don’t end up with a waiter or a hostess making your announcements in a most terrible of ways. You should have an experienced speaker who isn’t going to sound like a boring college professor at your wedding. All of the DJs and emcees at In The Mix Event Group have experience on the microphone and can hype up a room with only their voice.

Question 14. What makes you different from your competitors?

Any professional wedding DJ will take pride in their work, and be able to answer this question easily. Some DJs, however, will take this opportunity to “bash” their competition and say negative things about specific DJs or agencies.  In The Mix Event Group does not bash the competition. We know we have a superior service to provide and that speaks for itself. What makes us unique is the fact that we offer a DJ and Emcee at each wedding we perform. This combo allows both individuals to give 100% to their true passion and makes for one magnificent night!


We hope this gave you some insight into those important questions you should be asking your wedding DJ. Now call and ask your In The Mix Event Group representative all the questions and see how we stack up against the competition.