Bahr Wedding 7/18/15

Written by: Harry McCloskey


Where do I begin with this blog? There’s so much to say about this couple and the group of friends that attended their wedding. As excited as I was for this wedding to happen, it was also a sad day for me as well. See this is the last wedding from one circle of friends to get married. In The Mix has had the liberty to DJ three of their closest friends weddings before theirs, and over the past couple years we’ve gotten to know them all so well! With that being said, DJ Grean and myself knew this was going to be an awesome wedding, with a lot of energy on the dance floor!


The wedding took place at the beautiful Normandy Farms in Blue Bell Pa. We set up lighting around the room in a pretty amber color for a fun rustic look! As we finished setting up, we ran into the photographers from Azzolina Photography. Beth the owner and I went to not only high school but college together as well. We’ve worked on different events over the years and I know her and her assistant would be class acts to work with! Plus, I knew we would have great pictures to share for you on this blog!


As soon as the cocktail hour was over and everyone piled into the reception room, the stage was set for a fun filed night! Without fail, you could feel the energy in the room as I began making announcements for the bridal party! By the time I was ready to announce the bride and groom, “SCAR, SCAR, SCAR!!” started being chanted throughout the room, which I later found out in the best man speech was the grooms nickname/alter ego. The best man speech was probably thought out long ago by Jeff Warnick, I personally watched the groom have some fun things to say about Jeff as his best man at his wedding, and Jeff couldn’t wait to return the favor on this day! I have to say it was one of my favorite speeches at a wedding ever!




As the night went on and we turned up the tempo, DJ Grean hit them with everything he had and we had a PACKED dance floor from start to finish! I love when I see the bride and groom dancing for a good amount of the wedding. Stephanie and Greg did just that! Plus I really enjoyed seeing they’re parents dancing a lot as well. There was a fun moment when both dad’s had a dance off, it was definitely a sight to see! I went to grab Beth the photographer to catch it and she was already snapping away!



There were a couple different moments throughout the night where the bride and groom grabbed the mic and sang along to their favorite songs!


All and all it was a great night and DJ Grean and I both said it was a A+ wedding! We both enjoyed working with this amazing couple and knew from the moment they walked into our office that we were planning for a huge party, and that’s exactly what it was!




DiRubbo Wedding 7/18/15

Written By: Gregg Wood

Wedding1Over this past weekend I had the pleasure of taking part in the wedding ceremony of my dear friends Livio DiRubbo III and Justine Nicholson. The wedding was held in Northern New Jersey at the beautiful Keyport Yacht Club. The club lies along the Raritan Bay. The Verrazano Bridge, Staten Island, and the New York City skyline can be seen in the distance. Although it was one of the hottest and most humid days of the year thus far, the weather did not stop the bride and groom or their wedding guests from having a great time.

Justine and Livio began by asking me to officiate their wedding, and I couldn’t have been more excited to accept. I have done many weddings, however this was my first for a couple that I consider dear friends. Being able to mark the formal start of their relationship as man and wife was an honor I couldn’t pass up.
To help their wedding run smoothly Justine and Livio utilized our Day-Of-Planning Service for their wedding. Jaime was a great help to the couple in preparing the yacht club for their celebration. Justine is a craft master and she used her artistic skills to design many of her own pieces including beautiful calla lily floral arrangements. Although Justine did her own planning and designs (and did an excellent job at it) she still needed the help bringing her vision to fruition. Jaime was able to do that for her, and the venue looked spectacular. From the flowers, to the dessert table, to the outdoor patio, Jamie was able to distribute the pieces given to here in a beautiful way that brought the couples elegant black and white theme to life inside their venue.

Outside, in front of the long dock, we held the ceremony. The sun was brutal, but the scene with sailboats floating on the bay in the background was a beautiful. We held a short and sweet ceremony for the couple to exchange their vows and rings. Livio and Justine chose to take both of their grandmother’s wedding rings and had a jeweler recreate them into one dazzling piece for the new bride.


The rest of our In The Mix Event Group team were ready to help continue the celebration after the ceremony. As guests made their way into the bar (and air-conditioning) for cocktail hour they started with a signature drink that I introduced to the couple. It is a light and refreshing mix of pink lemonade, moscato wine, vodka, and mixed berries. The drink is perfect for a hot summer day and complimented their wedding perfectly.


Crystal aka DJ Skitlz kept the music flowing as I emceed the party. Livio asked for my help with asurprise for his bride. During their early days of dating the couple watched the Wes Anderson movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. That movie features the Zombie’s song “The Way I Feel Inside.” Livio explained to his new wife, and the on looking guests, how that song summed up the way he was feeling on that night so many years before, and he knew then that he was looking at his future bride. The surprise was well thought out, and a touching way to share a memory with his bride and guests. Thankfully Genava and Will of Reiner Photography caught all the great moments on film throughout the night. I have always been impressed. I personally can’t wait to see the proofs! I highly suggest the creative West Chester photographers to anyone looking for great wedding photo services.

As the night came to a close guests grabbed some sweets from the candy bar area before heading out the door. It was obvious that the newlyweds and their guests had a great time. It was truly a pleasure to be such an integral part of Justine and Livio’s wedding day. I wish my friends many years of laughs and love together.

Wedding Couple

Fabrizio Wedding 7/11/15

Written By: Harry McCloskey

IMG_2330I was so happy when Dante contacted me about having In The Mix DJ his wedding! He saw us in action at his sister Maria’s wedding back in 2012. When talking with Dante and Cristen about their wedding, it may have been the easiest planning I’ve ever dealt with. They were so nice and easy to work with! I told his sister at the wedding that Dante is probably the nicest guy I’ve ever met in my life! He’s one of them people I just can’t picture getting mad. Then when I met Cristen it all made sense to me, because she seems like she’s the same exact way! I see a lot of happy brides and grooms over the years, but this particular couple really seemed like they found their one true match. I couldn’t be more happy for the two of them!


When we arrived at the Blue Mountain Resort , we could already tell why the couple chose this location for their wedding, THE VIEW!! It was AMAZING! The venue was seriously breathtaking. Everything from the set up for the ceremony, to the exquisite room for the reception, plus the outside balcony overseeing all the mountains was such a delight!

fabrizio wedding

As the reception started, I was really impressed with DJ Saint James dinner music selection. He played a great mix of Motown and alternative rock along with some Dave Matthews as both the bride and groom are big DMB fans! When we finally got ready to open the dance floor, the guests were more then ready to bust a move! Within 20 minutdante 4es or so, one of the groomsman handed me a bottle and tried to explain to me his idea. Little did he know that “Spin the Bottle” on the dance floor is one of my favorite things to get the guests going. This night however I don’t think I was expecting what I saw. Not only were people of all ages out of their seats in a huge circle on the dance floor, but some older ladies out there had my mouth dropped to the floor with their moves, and just when I made an announcement that we were going to end the game, the last person it landed on was ayounger guy in his 20s who jumped out doing backflips and crazy dance moves! It was an exciting sight to see! Another cool moment of the night was when we played “Goodman Brown” a song that was recorded by one of the groomsman Mike Maguire.

dante 3


The entire day was just a total success! It makes my job so much easier when I get to work with other true professionals who love their job. As soon as we got there, we met with Meg de Jesus who the Wedding Coordinator at Blue Mountain. She’s new to Blue Mountain, but I would never know it if she didn’t tell me! She not only showed us around the large resort, but she was very helpful with things throughout the night! We look forward to working together more as I happy to say that ITMEG is now part of their preferred vendor list! We also got to work with Kevin and Megan from Kevin Kramer Photography. They both had great personalities and sense of humors and we all hit it off immediately. We definitely had a blast working side by side with them all night! I only got to see a couple shots so far but excited to see the rest of their work! I would definitely recommend using Kevin Kramer Photography for any upcoming weddings!

Dante 1

At the end of the night, we felt we created exactly what the bride and groom pictured their wedding night to be: A fun, unforgettable experience with their closest family and friends dancing the night away. I want to give a special Thank You to Dante and Cristen. It means so much to have us be a part of your special day and it was seriously an honor to work with you two! Congratulations again, and we can’t wait to book your next event!

Morgan Wedding 7/3/15

Written by: Harry McCloskey

jess wedding

This was an amazing wedding for me! When you’ve known the bride and half the bridesmaids for your entire life, its kind of hard not to think that this would be a good time. However, it did put a lot more pressure on me then normal. Don’t get me wrong, I try to give 110% at every event I do, but the pressure rises when the room is filled with family friends, my parents and peers I’ve grown up with my whole life. Needless to say I feel like it was a total success!


Jessica and Kevin’s wedding took place at one of my favorite halls in Northeast Philadelphia at The Philadelphia Ballroom right off Southampton and the Boulevard. The venue has only been open for about 3 years now, and not only is it a beautiful, but they have one of my favorite hosts I’ve ever worked with, Mr. Lee (He even photobombed my shot with the bride and groom). He is such a personable guy, and he just makes the whole event fun and enjoyable for not only the guest but all the vendors too! I even caught him doing the Cupid Shuffle with the bride! How cool is that!!

disney cake 2

The bridal party was fun and energetic! They were extremely hyped to come out for the intros! Everyone in the bridal party came out to a theme song. Songs like “Eye of the Tiger” and “The Eagles Fight Song” made for some really fun introductions!


When Jessica came into our office, she explained that she wanted a wide variety of music played. I expected some classic favorites like Whitney Houston and Madonna to be on there, along with some country mixed in. DJ Skitlz did a great job of mixing things up. The dance floor was packed all night! Knowing how much Jessica loves everything about Disney, I was shocked that “A Whole New World” or “Let It Go” wasn’t on the song lists. Yet, the maid of honor made sure she through a little Disney spice into her speech which ironically included both of these song titles.

sandford wedding 3

All and all the wedding was a success! The bride and groom honestly looked like they had the time of their lives! Which is exactly what our goal was of the night! The father of the bride pulled me aside at the end of the night and told me that he was so happy In The Mix was a part of his daughters wedding and that he truly could see how passionate I was about my job! Which is honestly the best compliment someone can give me! Thanks so much for that Mr. Sandford! Jessica and Kevin, you’ll never know how much it means to me for my company to be part of your big day! I sincerely mean it from the bottom of my heart! This is one wedding I’ll never forget! Congratulations again!!


Heres what the Morgans had to say about their wedding day:

jess wedding 2





Harbison/Murrell Wedding 7/4/15

Written by: Gregg Wood
harbison wedding
This holiday weekend I had the pleasure of officiating the wedding of Anthony Harbison and Dane Murrell. Working with this couple was a true pleasure from start to finish.
I first met Anthony and Dane when In The Mix Event Group took part in Philadelphia’s first annual Same Sex Marriage Expo in January 2015. When I received a call from them a few weeks later I was excited to hear they had chosen our team to work with them on their upcoming nuptials aboard Philadelphia’s historic Moshulu along the waterfront.
We first worked on their invitations and print. Anthony and Dane are from Pottsville, and they chose to have their wedding in Philly because of their love for the city. The invitations and other print were Philly themed with iconic landmarks such as the Ben Franklin Bridge and LOVE statue being featured. We kept with their red, black, white, and grey theme on all print. After a surf on google Anthony decided to add a white feather to each invitation. They were beautiful and reminded me of the quill feathers that our forefathers used here in Philadelphia. It was a perfect finishing touch to the already beautiful Philly themed invitations. Lastly we took a photo of the couple in front of our Love statue and printed it on a large board for guests to leave messages for the Anthony and Dane. It will be a wonderful reminder of their special day as it hangs in their home.
Finally July 4th is here and it is the day of the wedding. Anthony and Dance have also chosen me to officiate tSand_Boxheir wedding. The Moshulu was decorated with some of the best flower arrangements I had ever seen. From the ceiling of the reception area hung scarves, umbrellas, and other decor that made the space feel inviting and original. Jake, Mike, and their team on the Moshulu did a wonderful job.
From the ceremony area the view of the Ben Franklin Bridge and Philly skyline were breathtaking. As the ceremony began Anthony was escorted down the aisle by his mother (who insisted I call her Mama) and Dane was accompanied by his children. Before I began Scott, a dear friend of the couple, gave a heartfelt toast and all guests clinked a glass to the grooms to start the ceremony. The way Dane and Anthony looked at each other brought emotions to everyone in attendance. You could clearly see they had waited a long time to make this commitment to each other, and were thrilled they were finally able to do so. As part of their ceremony they chose to pour sand into a glass frame that had been etched with the couples logo and names. As they did Dane’s very talented daughter Nikki sang a beautiful ballad for her father and his husband.
After the ceremony everyone moved to the lower deck for the reception. I was honored when Anthony and Dane asked me to walk in as part of their wedding party. As the DJ started the Golden Girls theme song and called my name I gave my best minister strut. It felt good to know that the couple felt highly of me, so much so they wanted me to be announced as part of their group.
Anthony and Dane were one of the best couples I have had the pleasure to work with. Unfortunately our time has come to an end for now, however I am eager for them to have another large event. I would be honored to work with Anthony and Dane again in their future life as a married couple. With that I send my most sincere well wishes to the newlyweds for a long life of laughs and love together.gregg