Funk/Brooks Wedding 9/25/15

Written by: Harry McCloskey

Photos by: Artistic Imagery 


When Jackie first came into my office to go over things I already knew it was going to be a fun wedding. In The Mix did her brothers wedding last year and we knew it was a party crowd, so I obviously was excited to get to do another member of the Funk’s family weddings!

The wedding took place at the beautiful Adie Mansion in Doylestown Pa. We have worked a couple weddings there over the years and I must say it’s an amazing place to have a wedding reception. It’s classic and elegant and I love the setting for there wedding ceremonies.

From the first moment I seen this couple standing in front of the officiant at the ceremony, I knew there was something special about these two. I have done hundred of weddings over the years, and granted most couples look happy and glowing on their wedding day, but it was something different with Jackie and Jim. For starters, it was hands down my favorite wedding ceremony I’ve ever been a part of! They decided to recite their own vowels, and although they had the crowd laughing at some of the things said, you could tell they were said wholeheartedly. I honestly just felt like it was a scene out of a movie.


As Crystal aka DJ Skitlz opened up the dance floor, it was instantaneously packed with people waiting to get out there and start the party! The crowd was electric from the first song! And with much surprise, there was even a surprised guest there to make a special appearance! Yes, you guessed it, Pope Francis himself!


As the emcee, I’m always looking for fun things to get the crowd involved, one of them being a game of spin the bottle! No, not the game we played as kids but the same concept. Everyone gets in a big circle and when the bottle lands on you, you get in the middle and strut your stuff! We’ll when the bottle landed on grand mom in a wheel chair you would think it wasn’t happening, but I was wrong, she was pushed in the middle of the dance floor and everyone went nuts as she was spun around! It was definitely a sight to see!


This wedding was also the first wedding we got to use our new up lighting and WOW what a difference it was! I believe it made the room look amazing! It set an ambiance to an already exquisite venue. We had the room set to a pretty purple color, until we opened up the dance floor and then they changed to multiple colors for the rest of the night! Just like any man who gets a new toy, I was excited to set them up and check them out! Total success!


As every wedding must come to an end, even though most of the time we’re having as much fun as the guests and never wanted it to end. The night came to a close with everyone once again in a big circle on the dance floor as the bride and groom sang on the microphone to Billy Joel’s Piano Man. It was a great time with a great crowd! Thanks again to Jim and Jackie Brooks, we hope it was everything you dreamt it would be!




Senske Wedding 8/29/15

Written by: Harry McCloskey

Senske WeddingDid I ever mention how much I love “Beach Weddings!” This beautiful wedding took place at The Grand Hotel in Cape May, New Jersey. I think it might be the best view from a beach wedding I have every seen. The Grand Hotel is literally across the street from the beach.

When Bob and Laura came in my office to meet with me, they explained that they wanted to PARTY! Bob and I graduated high school together and I always knew he loved to dance, so I knew immediately that we would be in for a good time!

The couple’s next step with In The Mix was creating their signature invitations. Our Creative Director Gregg designed a beautiful pocket invitation in her signature coral and grey color scheme. It looked great against the shimmer of the silver pocket andthey included small waves and starfish that brought her beach themes wedding right to her guest’s mailbox.

The ceremony looked like it was a scene in a movie! The weather outside was absolutely amazing! Not to hot, and had a nice breeze outside. As Laura’s father walked her down the aisle, he greeted Bob at the front and the two exchanged hugs, and Bob gave his soon to be father in law a firm smack on the butt to get things going! Everyone in attendance had a good laugh before the ceremony began. Once again, showing us not only how close they were, but how much fun this day was going to be!


As the reception started, and I started calling out the bridal party, I was excited to see Jake, whose probably about 7 years old come out. He told me during the cocktail hour that he has been preparing this for weeks! By now everyone knows the song “Whip” by Silento, well that’s exactly what he was prepping for. When I called his name and the doors opened for him to come out, he didn’t waste anytime to jump into character and start doing the dance! Like most kids, they love this song, and most know the simple steps of the refrain, but not Jake, as the DJ was about to stop the song at the end of the refrain, Jake wasn’t done, he kept going along knowing the next part of the dance. HANDS DOWN it was probably my favorite showing of a child at a wedding! I will seriously never forget it! I told him how great it was and that I put it on Facebook and the first thing out of his mouth was “wait how many likes did I get” LOL. Which I guess I should have expected this considering his dad (the groom) loves to dance! The apple didn’t fall far from the tree on this duo!


With that being said, how can I not talk about when Bob went to take off the guarder from Laura, and there was a skit done with his brother handing him a Michael Jackson jacket, white glove and hat to do a dance! I must give him credit , the guy has some killer dance moves! When Laura and Bob were done throwing thsenske wedding 5e guarder and bouquet, the two lucky contestants put on their own show as the second exchange happened! It was definitely a sight to see!


As the night went on, the crowd was great! Guests were dancing all night and I think they best part of the reception is when the DJ went into a late 90s/early 2000s set and everyone was on the dance floor getting crazy! Nothing gets us going more then seeing so much energy in the room!

All and all it was a great experience, we enjoyed ourselves and we hope everyone at the wedding did too! Bob and Laura, thanks so much for have In The Mix Event Group be part of such an important day in your lives! We wish you nothing but happiness throughout the years! Congrats again, and we look forward to working events for you in the future!


senske wedding 3