In The Mix’s Top V: COLORS

By: Greg Wood

Top5_Colors_Title_GraphicWith the trends of wedding and events constantly changing, In The Mix Event Group will be showcasing our top V favorites for your upcoming wedding or other celebration.

When planning any event there is always a color scheme. It is the first way people give their event an image. If you want to incorporate the bright summer sun with yellow décor, the warmth of autumn earth-tones, or high end elegance with black and white, color is the first thing that will give your guests the atmosphere you are looking for.

IN THE NAVY: The color navy is a cool color that was named after the uniforms of the British Royal Navy. Like black, navy can exude elegance. The color navy is associated with feelings of importance, authority, confidence, and power. The great thing about navy is it can be mixed with many other colors like white, pale yellows or peach, or even soft greys to complete your color scheme. Navy can work great in both summer and winter and in any venue. The current trend in navy tuxes can also help bring your groom and his pals a fresh and dapper look.


SHADES OF GREY: Whether you spell it g-r-e-y or g-r-a-y, any shade of grey could be a good look for your wedding. Grey is one of the easiest colors to work with. It pairs with any other color well. Almost everything is available in the color grey. Grey is often associated with products and places that are formal, conservative, and sophisticated. A grey tux or dress will look good or most any body shape. Light grey can be breezy enough for the spring and a darker grey can bring a dramatic fog on your winter wedding.


BRONZE BOMBER: Metallics can be the shining moment on your celebration. Standard gold and silver are the boring go-to. Try bronze as a way to give décor an expensive look. Using bronze is daring and bold, but it can be done both successfully and tastefully. A simple cake with bronze accents, or invitation with bronze foil are easy ways to incorporate the color. Bronze dresses or ties are bold and exciting. Bronze is both strong yet romantic. If metallic are your thing this trendy color can be an amazing color theme.


PASSION OF PLUM: For hundreds of years purple has been associated with royalty. Plum is a beautiful variation of purple. It can give your wedding a picturesque romantic feel. The color plum is strong and can mix well with some of our other favorites on the list like grey or bronze. Flowers, dresses, even tuxes can all look beautiful in shades of plum. Plum is said to give off feelings of relaxation, passion, and joy. These are great emotions to share with your guests as you say “I do.”


MELLOW YELLOW: If bright and cheery is your idea then yellow is your color. It isn’t an easy color to use tastefully, however when executed correctly yellow can brighten up your big day. Yellow is an attention getting color that represents positivity, clarity, and happiness. Yellow can pair well with grey, white, and other light neutral colors for a jovial event atmosphere that will have guests smiling. Be careful not to just blanket your wedding in yellow. Big Birds nest is not the look you want to convey. Try yellow accents on your cake, flowers, and napkins to brighten the room while not going overboard. When done with style yellow can be the sunshine on your big day.


When picking the color for your wedding or other celebration think of these trendy hues that are on In The Mix’s Top V picks for colors. Our creative director is ready to point you in the right direction on how to make these colors or any color work!