January 20, 2016 Harry

5 Tips For Picking An Awesome First Dance

Written By: Gregg Wood


The number of important decisions that a couple has to make for their wedding seems to never end. Entertainment, fashion, floral arrangements, and even choosing the perfect people to stand with you as you exchange vows, are just a few of the first things a bride and groom have to consider when they begin planning their special day. As someone who talks to couples throughout their entire wedding process, I often find that one of the most overlooked details is the “first dance” song.

The “first dance” song has many purposes. It creates a sound, an image, and a voice to the first public moment you will share as a married couple. As a young couple in love the last thing you should do is pick an oldie because it is considered a “classic.” As a frantic couple with an endless list of things to tend to the last thing you should do is pick a song because you heard it at a wedding before. As a couple with a unique relationship the last thing you should do is pick the song that you heard on the radio thousands of times because it has lyrics about love.

Now that I told you what not to do, let me help you out. There are tens of thousands of great songs out there that could be the perfect “first dance” song for you. Here are some tips to guide you towards finding the ideal song you have been searching for.

1. DON’T SEARCH ON THE RADIO: If you are searching for that perfect “first dance” song don’t expect to hear it on the radio. Unless you have some great indie channels on your satellite radio, the chances you are going to hear your “first-dance” song coming from the factory system of your Ford Taurus is highly unlikely. Very few ballads or slow jams make the top 40 so the chances that 102.1FM is going to introduce you to your “first dance” song on the drive home from work are almost non-existent.

2. SEARCH SONG LYRICS: Do you or your fiance have something specific to you as a couple? Think of things that mean something to you both and search them with the tag ‘song lyrics’. For example if he never puts his shoes away, google search “Messy shoes song lyric”. I can’t guarantee you will get a result, however their is a chance you will find a song that isn’t well know, but fits you as a couple perfectly. Obviously there might not be a love song about the way your fiance insists on slurping soup, or the way they wear socks twice before washing them so this might not work for everyone.

3. SKIP THE CLASSICS: You are a young couple in love. As you start a new life as newlyweds, it makes sense to pick a newer song for your “first dance” tune. The newer the song, the less of a chance people have used it at their own weddings. Classics have been used a million times by a million different couples. Unless there is a classic song that means something to you as a couple then your best bet is to pick a song that is less than ten years old.

4. GO INDIE: Don’t think that world famous superstars are the only talent that can create your perfect “first dance song. Try services like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music to find those hidden talents you might not know of. You can search playlists of romantic tunes, and may just find the perfect song for you. Plus those indie artists who haven’t hit it big will probably understand relationships better than the superstar that has been through countless relationships (aghem…Rod Stewart)

To help even more In The Mix Event Group invites you to take a listen to our Spotify account. We have compiled some of our favorite sings we think would be perfect for a “first dance”. Listen to them here!