October 23, 2015 Harry

Ashton/Cochran Wedding 10/9/15

Written by: Harry McCloskey

bacon barSo within minutes of the couple being in my office I knew they were a fun couple and that this was going to be a great wedding! Honestly though, there’s nothing else I can start this blog with other then they had a BACON BAR during the cocktail hour! If that wasn’t a sign that this was going to be a good time I don’t know what else would have set me up for this fun filled night!


When Amy and Mark first came into my office, we talked about the general questions any bride or groom might ask, until they mentioned that the groom’s brother just so happen to be the “Justin Bieber” of Vietnam. Yes, you read that right! They knew right away that I thought they were joking, until they told me to look him up on you tube and there I found over a million views on all these videos. Next, they tell me that hes going to perform at the wedding! Which is exciting for me, because I always love to see new things at weddings!

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The wedding was at Normandy Farms in Blue Bell, and after the beautiful ceremony, and after we ate a lot of bacon it was time for action! The bridal party lit up the room as they were announced, and the bride and groom looked so happy and excited walking in! After the first dance and father daughter dance, the groom’s brother Kyle was asked to come up and sing a song for the groom and his mother. He sung “My Wish” by Rascal Flatt’s and his voice was remarkable! The whole room was amazed by this moment! It was definitely something I’ll never forget at a wedding!

The dance floor was packed all night and just as the reception was about to end,  “Hypnotize” by Notorious B.I.G. came on and the groom grabbed the mic with no shame and sang it word for word on the dance floor with his new wife by his side. That was hands down my favorite part of the wedding! Which is pretty hard to say after seeing the bride go nuts doing the “Whip” dance!


All and all I thought the wedding was a complete success! We got to work with some great professionals too! The pictures in this blog are compliments of Ferrara Photography. Nicole was such a pleasure to work with, as well at Patrick the videographer from Your Day Productions! So in the long run we had an international pop singer perform, an amazing crowd on the dance floor, and did I mention a bacon bar yet!  The bride and groom looked like they had the time of their lives and thats always our number one goal!  Thanks so much Mr. and Mrs. Cochran for letting us be such an important part of your wedding day!