Sharkey/McArdle Wedding

When I think about prepping for the McArdle wedding, and there is more then 50 classmates, high school teammates, and kids from the neighborhood in the crowd, its always a little more pressure. But, I honestly love it, and it keeps me on my toes! I love getting to do weddings for kids I grew up with. Not only did I go to high school with them both, but I knew there was multiple guests that have been to weddings that In The Mix has done before, and knew without a doubt, they would be on the dance floor to help us get things started!

The venue took place at the new FOP hall right down the street from where we all grew up! Now don’t get me wrong, I never mind driving down the shore for weddings in the summer time, but its definitely a treat to work a Saturday night 5 minutes away from your house!

As I started lining up the bridal party, I saw some of them dressed in old Archbishop Ryan gear and even had the schools flag as one of the props! It’s always fun to see people really get pumped up for the introductions. I kinda wish I had my old football jersey on underneath my shirt and tie and ripped it off during the intros! Now that would have been a fun prop! Ha Ha


The wedding was exactly how I predicted it would be…. AWESOME! We had a bunch of guests dancing before early on before we officially opened up the dance floor. DJ Saint James put on Frankie Valli’s “ Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and the instantly the dance floor was jumping. At that exact moment I knew that we were in for a great night! Jim played a great mix and had the dance floor packed as always! There was a special moment during the night when Jim played “I’ll Always Love My Mama” by The Intruders, it was dedicated to Melissa’s mom and all the moms in the room! That’s such a great song and always reminds me of my grandmom who passed away. So I loved that she wanted that song to be a special moment during the wedding. As the night came to an end, Frank the groom asked if one of the guests could sing the last song. She was a recording artist who has done the National Anthem at Eagles games before. My response was “of course, its your wedding, whatever you want!” As I hand her the mic and “Don’t Stop Believing” started, everyone in the room sang along with her. Toward the end of the song DJ Saint James, slowly cut the song and let her and the whole crowd sing the rest of the song by themselves! It was a pretty amazing sight to see!

I just want to thank Frank and Melissa for being such a treat to work with and for letting In The Mix be a part of their special day! Congrats again, Jim and I wish you nothing but happiness!


Marchione/Kashow Wedding 7/9/16

kashow 2When Chris and Kira first walked into our office I feel like we immediately clicked with the concept of what they wanted at their wedding. Then when I heard that they wanted to do a “Flash Mob” at their wedding, I was instantly excited to hear more! Like every couple on their wedding day, they wanted a big party! Who doesn’t right? I remember thinking back to the thought of opening up the dance floor while the bridal party breaks out into a full blown choreographed skit, it made me want the wedding to be the following weekend! Sadly, it was only early 2015 at this point!

So as the big day anxiously arrived, DJ Los and I were pumped for the party! The weather was looking like it was going to rain off and on all day. As we arrived at the beautiful Manor House at Commonwealth, the ceremony was all set up to be inside because of the rain. The bride really had her heart set on having her ceremony outside. The staff at the Manor House checked the weather forecast one more time and they gave the green light for everything to be outside. The couple were thrilled because that’s how they envisioned everything would take place. It winded up being such a beautiful ceremony after all with no rain in sight.

As everyone was sat in the reception room, the bridal party was anxiously practicing their moves in the cocktail room as we were lining up for the formal introductions.  After the crowd screamed as the brkaskow 5ide and groom entered the room and dinner was served, it was time for the big show! The show I have been so hyped to see happen was finally about to go down! As the song started you hear “Ladies and Gentleman, Lets Get Ready To Rumble”  and like a fire alarm going off, the whole bridal party including the bride and groom ran to the dance floor for their skit! Not only was this an unforgettable moment, but they pulled it off flawlessly! The best part was, halfway through the song they all grabbed guests from the dance floor and it might have been the quickest we’ve seen 120 people on a dance floor to start a party! From that moment  on, DJ Los put on an incredible mix that had the crowd going til the very last song! The electricity in the room was insane! As the kids today would say “This wedding was Lit”

I just want to send a special shout out to Chris and Kira for not only trusting us on their big day, but for an unforgettable evening! Thanks again, and we can’t wait to be part of your family’s next big event in the future! Plus, Im looking forward to getting to see some great pictures from the wedding! Always a pleasure to get to work with Krista and Mike from Michaels Photography! Can’t wait to see Flash Mob pictures!


kashow 3

Summer 2016 Entertainment Spotlight Award

The Entertainment Spotlight award for the summer of 2016 is awarded to James Epright. Heres a little more info about one of In The Mix’s shining stars!

James grew up in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia and now resides in New Jersey with his wife Amy DSC_5177-Editand two daughters Chloe and Rory. Jame’s has been DJing well over 10 years and has been with In The Mix for almost 4 years now. He has worked at many venues, some of his favorites over the years were Transit, Silk City, Shampoo, Valanni, Tracadero and Xfinity Live.

Since joining In The Mix, he has done hundreds of private parties, corporate events and his personal favorite weddings. I can’t tell you how many compliments we receive about his services and how many referrals we get about him after the events take place. His style and knowledge of music helps keep dance floors packed for hours! If your looking for a professional entertainer who has done it all, make sure you check out DJ Saint James for your next event!


Ludin/Hauser Wedding 3/12/16

IMG_1979Many couples have similar goals for their wedding day with the Entertainment, like keeping everyone on the dance floor, or interacting with the crowd. With that being said, I’m still a firm believer that each and every wedding is completely different in so many ways. So when I sat down with Jennifer and Matt the game plan was “We Want a Party!”  Of course that’s exactly what everyone wants, but we at In The Mix try to dig deep into each couples likes and dislikes on music tastes. We set the couple up with a check list to fill out and after reviewing everything, they wanted a good combination of country, a little bit of Mo-Town, 80s-90s hits and top 40. Which is always great to see on our music sheet having a variety of music!

hauser wedding 3

So as the big day came, and the bridal party was announced, the room was electric and everyone was on their feet as the Rocky Theme Song starting pumping. I was happy to officially introduce the new Mr. and Mrs. Hauser!

Hauser wedding 2

Something that will really stick out to me about the Hauser wedding was when it was time to do the parent dances. Jennifer dances with her father and then, without them knowing, I asked two of Matt’s aunts to join him on the dance floor. Unfortunately, Matt’s mom is no longer with us, but I think we still made it extremely special for him. It’s not every day I get choked up at weddings, but this specific moment really touched me.


As far as the rest of the night went, Crystal (DJ SKITLZ) really worked her magic to keep the crowd going strong! As I preach to every couple, the entertainment makes or breaks each and every wedding, and with that being said, I think we did our part to make a lasting impression on the couple.  Plus a fun bridal party always makes my job that much easier to get the crowd going, and this bridal party was on point from the very beginning.  From fun introductions, to battling it out during the Perculator, they were definitely a big part of the success on the dance floor!

hauser 4

I just want to personally thank Jennifer, Matt and of course little Cole for having In The Mix be part of such a special day! It was such an honor and we can’t wait to be able to host the next milestone in your lives! This will definitely be a wedding I’ll never forget!

Hauser Wedding

Stocklin Wedding 3/11/16

Written by: Harry McCloskey
IMG_1968I must start this blog by telling you what fun it was to work with Danielle and George! At In The Mix Event Group we offer many different services for your wedding day. We want to not only create a great wedding for you, we also want to relax our couples and not have them go to 5 different places to get 5 services they need for the big day. Why have a ton of vendors when you can get it all done at one place? It saves time and headaches! Danielle and George are one of the couples who took advantage of our full offerings. They booked 4 different services with us and we couldn’t have been happier to help them put it all together!

Our creative director Gregg sat with Danielle to figure out exactly what she was looking for when it came to her ideas for invitations. The look on her face when she saw the finishing product was amazing! After that Gregg couldn’t wait to get started on the custom seating chart. I can honestly say in all the weddings I’ve done, I have never seen a cooler seating chart; I swear I’m not being biased! Plus they had a fun custom guest book too. Gregg did a great job taking all Danielle’s ideas for their “Philly” theme, and he created some beautiful designs in a fun, artistic way.

As the big day approached DJ St James and I we were pumped! The reception was at Celebrations in Bensalem and we have done tons of weddings there. The room went from pretty to spectacular once our up lighting was set up. The uplighting doesn’t change only the look of the room; it changes the feel. After that, we couldn’t wait to get the party started! Throughout the night I saw people coming and going into the other room to take some pics in the ITMEG photo booth. They came back to the dancefloor wearing funny hats, giant glasses, and even some feather boas. It’s one of my favorite things at a wedding, because I always grab something extravagant and run out to the dance floor with it on!

We winded up having a blast doing the Stocklin wedding. Both DJ Saint James and I loved playing a bunch of throwback freestyle club hits towards the end! We never mind getting requests for some Stevie B or Lil Suzy. The crowd was fun and the bride and groom were a pleasure to work with!

To George and Danielle, thank you so much for putting your trust in our team here at In The Mix Event Group. I hope we made your wedding planning process a breeze. It’s exciting to also add that the couple have already booked ITMEG for another event in June. We cant wait!


Barbaro Wedding 2/27/16

IMG_1829When Andrew and Jessica came in to my office as a referral from old friends who talked us up pretty big, I knew that we have to deliver an unforgettable experience! When they told me they were getting married at Bear Creek Mountain my excitement began to rise! Not only do I love the venue, but we just happen to always have AMAZING experiences ever time we do a wedding there!  This so happened to be the first time we have done a wedding there during ski season too, which was pretty cool. Best part was that it was also close to 60 degrees out in late February! I never got to see people ski on the mountain, let alone on such a beautiful day!

As the newlyweds walked into the room for the first time, you could tell that they were ecstatic that they decided to go with it with up lighting! It set a mood for the room that would later bring the energy up and I always tell people it also sets the tone for the dance floor to be packed all night, and that’s exactly what happened!

As soon as the introductions were finished it was time for me to witness one of the most memorable first dances I’ve ever witnessed! Now I have seen a lot of first dances in my career but this is one I’ll never forget! The song was “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, and if you ever seen the video, there is a choreographed dance throughout the song that Jessica and Andrew absolutely nailed! Credit to them both, you could tell they put work into performing it and I don’t think it could have turned out better!

When it was all said and done I think we continued the streak of awesome weddings at Bear Creek and I think it was safe to say everyone had a great time! I’d like to thank the Barbaro’s for trusting us for such an important day in their lives and also want to thank the amazing crowd that kept the energy going throughout the night!  We can’t wait to work at Bear Creek again!

barbaro 2




















Masciocchi Wedding 2/13/16

Written by: Harry McCloskey

Entertainment- In The Mix Event Group

Photography- Lisa Varley Photography


The Masciocchi Wedding was our first wedding of the 2016 season, the reception took place about 1 and a half miles from our office at the Pen Ryn Mansion. We don’t mind traveling for weddings, but when it’s this close to our office, it’s definitely an exciting start! I’ve known the bride Deena since we were in 4th grade! I often post about how much it means to me to have childhood friends contact me for one of the biggest days of their lives! Plus, its always great to see so many people I grew up with in one room, it was almost like a mini grade school reunion!

deena 6

Deena and Ray came in my office and said the same thing a lot of couples say, “They want a party!” Which is always something I want future clients to tell me! There’s nothing more I want then a party with everyone on the dance floor all night long.  The bridal party was hyped up from the very beginning and that’s always a good sign to know the reception is going to be a blast!

deena 2

With that being said, the dance floor was packed all night, the bridal party held set a tone from the beginning and it didn’t slow down once throughout the night! One of my favorite moments of the night was watching the bride take the microphone and singing the entire “Mo Money Mo Problems” song! There was a huge crowd around her doing it and the energy in the room was amazing!

deena 3

In conclusion, I think the wedding was a total success! Deena and Ray seemed to have the time of their lives, and their guests seemed to be warn out by the end of the night! In this business, we call that a “win win!”  We would just like to thank Deena and Ray for having us be a part of their wedding day and a big shout out to their bridal party and guests for making our jobs that much easier for being on the dance floor all night long!

deena 4

14 Questions You Need To Ask Your Wedding DJ


Top 14 Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Booking


In our experience as DJs we have heard every question imaginable about wedding entertainment. As every good entertainment company should, we have an answer for all of those questions. From the basic to the outlandish we have experienced it all. Just like fingerprints, no two weddings are the same, and no two couples are identical. The one thing all couples who come into our office do have in common is their inability to ask the right questions. Almost every couple calls us with important inquiries after they left. We have decided to help you out. At In The Mix Event Group we want our first meeting to be as productive as possible. Use this guide to the 14 important questions you should ask your wedding DJ. Once the small talk is out of the way we can get right to the fun stuff.


Question 1. Are you insured?

Of course! Now-a-days most venues require it. Make sure you ask this when meeting with a DJ to perform at your wedding. Liability insurance protects you and the reception site in the unlikely event that your DJ injures one of your guests. A lot of DJs don’t offer this to clients, which should be a red flag when choosing your entertainment.

Question 2. Will you be the DJ at our wedding?

Often, the person you first meet with is not the person who will be your DJ on your wedding day. This is a common practice among large agencies. Do not let a large company just send a random DJ with a print out of your requests. In The Mix Event Group will tell you who your DJ will be from the start. We don’t provide “the” DJ; we provide “your” DJ. You can meet your DJ, plan with your DJ, and even annoy your DJ with tons of emails. We make it their job to satisfy you after all.

Question 3. How many events do you perform in one day?

If a DJ has already done an event in the afternoon, they will likely be exhausted half way through your wedding, which is when they need to be the most alert and active. Your wedding DJ from in the Mix Event Group will be well rested, prepared, and ready to perform for you. Your DJ is not able to do an afternoon event the day of your wedding because they will be preparing for your big day as they should be.

Question 4. Can we visit you at a performance?

There is only one acceptable answer to this question. NO. Sorry. That is just the way it is. If an entertainment company allows this it should be considered a red flag. In The Mix Event Group would not allow a potential client to crash your wedding to see us perform, and we will not make that exception for you. However we can provide you with plenty of testimonials and reviews to hopefully put your worries at ease.

Question 5. May we meet with you in person before we sign a contract?

Some wedding DJs attempt to conduct their interviews over the telephone or through email instead of meeting face-to-face with prospective clients. There are two reasons for this – either they don’t feel you are worth their time, or they have something to hide. In The Mix Event Group invitess every potential client into our office. Come check out our headquarters. We consider our office a second home and the door is always open to you.

Question 6. Will we meet again before the wedding?

Just like in question five, some DJs will attempt to do your final meeting over the phone instead of in person. Can you say annoying? In The Mix Event Group schedules a meeting in our office two weeks prior to the wedding to go over all those final details before the big day.

Question 7. Do you offer a written contract?

A written, legal contract is one of the first indicators of whether a DJ is professional and reliable. Furthermore, a contract establishes the DJ’s obligation to you. In The Mix Event Group doesn’t just offer a written contract, we require it. You should know exactly what you are getting from us and we should know exactly what you expect us to provide. There should be no hiccups on your wedding day… unless they are from nerves!

Question 7. Have you played at our reception site before?

No matter who you hire, ask them if they have entertained at your venue before. Every venue has different challenges, different room sizes, different acoustics, and even different load in procedures. There are thousands of great venues. At In The Mix Event Group we have executed weddings at many of them. If we haven’t be assured we will take the time to contact the venue to ask all the right question so we are prepared for your wedding.

Question 8. What if something happens to you and you can’t make it to the wedding?

Most responsible professionals have some sort of backup strategy should this situation ever arise, but others do not. In The Mix Event Group always has back up DJs and emcees on call every time we have a wedding booked. You never know what could happen, and we don’t want that pesky contract from question six to be a problem.

Question 9. Do you bring backup equipment with you to the wedding?

Even the most well prepared entertainers can have something go wrong. Remember all those times you had to print a report for school and conveniently your printer just didn’t want to work the night before it was due? It happens! Your DJ needs to be prepared. Having backup equipment in a warehouse 50 miles from your reception site won’t do much good either. In The Mix Event Group will have back up equipment ready to go if the unimaginable happens on your wedding day.

Question 10. Do you have a wireless microphone?

Every professional wedding DJ should offer a wireless microphone. If a DJ does not offer it they need to upgrade asap. Imagine toasts being given, a blessing being said, and announcements being made with three miles of wire dragging across your dance floor. In The Mix Event Group won’t let that happen at your wedding. We will have microphones and backup microphones just in case. Plus we cant get a

Question 11. How much of the music can we select for our wedding?

This is an important question to ask, because some DJs prefer to control the majority of the playlist. Other DJs prefer to let the client choose the majority of the music, and then use their expertise to make it all work. The DJ should be accommodating of your music tastes, and you should trust he will take your notes into consideration when they prepare for your wedding. In The Mix Event Group DJs prefer the couple give us a list of songs they definitely want played, and also a list of songs that they preferred not be played. No matter the couple we have the right DJ ready to start the party with the music you prefer.

Question 12. How long have you been a DJ and how many weddings have you done?

The number of years someone has been a DJ does not give an indication of their experience level. Some DJs only perform a few weddings each year. Do not ask your potential DJ how long they have been a DJ. Ask them how many weddings they have done. This will give you a better idea of how experienced the DJ is and how well they will perform for you.

Question 13. Do you act as the “emcee” and make all of the announcements?

Any professional wedding DJ should be comfortable with making announcements and serving as the emcee for the wedding, it is a standard part of the job. However some DJs are not comfortable with public speaking and they pass these duties on to someone else. Don’t end up with a waiter or a hostess making your announcements in a most terrible of ways. You should have an experienced speaker who isn’t going to sound like a boring college professor at your wedding. All of the DJs and emcees at In The Mix Event Group have experience on the microphone and can hype up a room with only their voice.

Question 14. What makes you different from your competitors?

Any professional wedding DJ will take pride in their work, and be able to answer this question easily. Some DJs, however, will take this opportunity to “bash” their competition and say negative things about specific DJs or agencies.  In The Mix Event Group does not bash the competition. We know we have a superior service to provide and that speaks for itself. What makes us unique is the fact that we offer a DJ and Emcee at each wedding we perform. This combo allows both individuals to give 100% to their true passion and makes for one magnificent night!


We hope this gave you some insight into those important questions you should be asking your wedding DJ. Now call and ask your In The Mix Event Group representative all the questions and see how we stack up against the competition.


5 Tips For Picking An Awesome First Dance

Written By: Gregg Wood


The number of important decisions that a couple has to make for their wedding seems to never end. Entertainment, fashion, floral arrangements, and even choosing the perfect people to stand with you as you exchange vows, are just a few of the first things a bride and groom have to consider when they begin planning their special day. As someone who talks to couples throughout their entire wedding process, I often find that one of the most overlooked details is the “first dance” song.

The “first dance” song has many purposes. It creates a sound, an image, and a voice to the first public moment you will share as a married couple. As a young couple in love the last thing you should do is pick an oldie because it is considered a “classic.” As a frantic couple with an endless list of things to tend to the last thing you should do is pick a song because you heard it at a wedding before. As a couple with a unique relationship the last thing you should do is pick the song that you heard on the radio thousands of times because it has lyrics about love.

Now that I told you what not to do, let me help you out. There are tens of thousands of great songs out there that could be the perfect “first dance” song for you. Here are some tips to guide you towards finding the ideal song you have been searching for.

1. DON’T SEARCH ON THE RADIO: If you are searching for that perfect “first dance” song don’t expect to hear it on the radio. Unless you have some great indie channels on your satellite radio, the chances you are going to hear your “first-dance” song coming from the factory system of your Ford Taurus is highly unlikely. Very few ballads or slow jams make the top 40 so the chances that 102.1FM is going to introduce you to your “first dance” song on the drive home from work are almost non-existent.

2. SEARCH SONG LYRICS: Do you or your fiance have something specific to you as a couple? Think of things that mean something to you both and search them with the tag ‘song lyrics’. For example if he never puts his shoes away, google search “Messy shoes song lyric”. I can’t guarantee you will get a result, however their is a chance you will find a song that isn’t well know, but fits you as a couple perfectly. Obviously there might not be a love song about the way your fiance insists on slurping soup, or the way they wear socks twice before washing them so this might not work for everyone.

3. SKIP THE CLASSICS: You are a young couple in love. As you start a new life as newlyweds, it makes sense to pick a newer song for your “first dance” tune. The newer the song, the less of a chance people have used it at their own weddings. Classics have been used a million times by a million different couples. Unless there is a classic song that means something to you as a couple then your best bet is to pick a song that is less than ten years old.

4. GO INDIE: Don’t think that world famous superstars are the only talent that can create your perfect “first dance song. Try services like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music to find those hidden talents you might not know of. You can search playlists of romantic tunes, and may just find the perfect song for you. Plus those indie artists who haven’t hit it big will probably understand relationships better than the superstar that has been through countless relationships (aghem…Rod Stewart)

To help even more In The Mix Event Group invites you to take a listen to our Spotify account. We have compiled some of our favorite sings we think would be perfect for a “first dance”. Listen to them here!



Sherlock Wedding 11/20/15

Written by: Harry McCloskey


I feel like there’s so much I could write about in this blog.  For starters, I’ve been blessed to be part of so many amazing weddings in 2015, and with this being the last one of the year, I knew we had to go out with a bang! I don’t think I can go on any further without mentioning in the 10 years I’ve been doing weddings, I have NEVER felt more energy during the introductions like I did that night! Normally I try to get the crowd pumped up before I start announcing the bridal party. There was absolutely no need for that at the Sherlock wedding! Every single guest was yelling and screaming before I even asked them to! It’s the greatest feeling in the world for an emcee to feel the immediate energy! I knew we were in for an amazing night!


When I sat down with Heather and Rob in our office, they stressed to me that they wanted a PARTY! They were such a joy to work with! They kept it simple for us! Play good music and keep everyone dancing! That’s exactly what we did! I know I say this a lot but its honestly the truth, there were people dancing from the first song to the last! DJ Grean, myself and assistant Emcee Austin met before the wedding and went over a game plan to really make this wedding one for the ages! I personally knew a good amount of people at this wedding and it only made it that much easier to get me excited for what was about to go down!


The location was at The Knowlton Mansion in Northeast Philadelphia. The venue was amazing! The layout of the room was beautiful, the food and desserts were delicious, and the staff was so pleasant to work with! As we were setting up the custom gobo and up lights, I knew Heather and Rob would be excited to see their picture perfect wedding come to life!


We were also lucky enough to work side by side with a great photographer! Gina from Artistic Imagery is a true professional and always does amazing work!  I know I’ll get some amazing shots for us to hang up around the office!


I can’t thank the Sherlock’s enough for having us be part of such an important day in their lives, it was truly an honor! Special shout out to all the guests as well, you were all a big part of making this such a memorable night!  It was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been a part of!




Wedding Programs made by our Creative Director Gregg Wood.