July 25, 2015 Harry

Bahr Wedding 7/18/15

Written by: Harry McCloskey


Where do I begin with this blog? There’s so much to say about this couple and the group of friends that attended their wedding. As excited as I was for this wedding to happen, it was also a sad day for me as well. See this is the last wedding from one circle of friends to get married. In The Mix has had the liberty to DJ three of their closest friends weddings before theirs, and over the past couple years we’ve gotten to know them all so well! With that being said, DJ Grean and myself knew this was going to be an awesome wedding, with a lot of energy on the dance floor!


The wedding took place at the beautiful Normandy Farms in Blue Bell Pa. We set up lighting around the room in a pretty amber color for a fun rustic look! As we finished setting up, we ran into the photographers from Azzolina Photography. Beth the owner and I went to not only high school but college together as well. We’ve worked on different events over the years and I know her and her assistant would be class acts to work with! Plus, I knew we would have great pictures to share for you on this blog!


As soon as the cocktail hour was over and everyone piled into the reception room, the stage was set for a fun filed night! Without fail, you could feel the energy in the room as I began making announcements for the bridal party! By the time I was ready to announce the bride and groom, “SCAR, SCAR, SCAR!!” started being chanted throughout the room, which I later found out in the best man speech was the grooms nickname/alter ego. The best man speech was probably thought out long ago by Jeff Warnick, I personally watched the groom have some fun things to say about Jeff as his best man at his wedding, and Jeff couldn’t wait to return the favor on this day! I have to say it was one of my favorite speeches at a wedding ever!




As the night went on and we turned up the tempo, DJ Grean hit them with everything he had and we had a PACKED dance floor from start to finish! I love when I see the bride and groom dancing for a good amount of the wedding. Stephanie and Greg did just that! Plus I really enjoyed seeing they’re parents dancing a lot as well. There was a fun moment when both dad’s had a dance off, it was definitely a sight to see! I went to grab Beth the photographer to catch it and she was already snapping away!



There were a couple different moments throughout the night where the bride and groom grabbed the mic and sang along to their favorite songs!


All and all it was a great night and DJ Grean and I both said it was a A+ wedding! We both enjoyed working with this amazing couple and knew from the moment they walked into our office that we were planning for a huge party, and that’s exactly what it was!