March 1, 2016 Harry

Barbaro Wedding 2/27/16

IMG_1829When Andrew and Jessica came in to my office as a referral from old friends who talked us up pretty big, I knew that we have to deliver an unforgettable experience! When they told me they were getting married at Bear Creek Mountain my excitement began to rise! Not only do I love the venue, but we just happen to always have AMAZING experiences ever time we do a wedding there!  This so happened to be the first time we have done a wedding there during ski season too, which was pretty cool. Best part was that it was also close to 60 degrees out in late February! I never got to see people ski on the mountain, let alone on such a beautiful day!

As the newlyweds walked into the room for the first time, you could tell that they were ecstatic that they decided to go with it with up lighting! It set a mood for the room that would later bring the energy up and I always tell people it also sets the tone for the dance floor to be packed all night, and that’s exactly what happened!

As soon as the introductions were finished it was time for me to witness one of the most memorable first dances I’ve ever witnessed! Now I have seen a lot of first dances in my career but this is one I’ll never forget! The song was “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, and if you ever seen the video, there is a choreographed dance throughout the song that Jessica and Andrew absolutely nailed! Credit to them both, you could tell they put work into performing it and I don’t think it could have turned out better!

When it was all said and done I think we continued the streak of awesome weddings at Bear Creek and I think it was safe to say everyone had a great time! I’d like to thank the Barbaro’s for trusting us for such an important day in their lives and also want to thank the amazing crowd that kept the energy going throughout the night!  We can’t wait to work at Bear Creek again!

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