December 20, 2013 Harry

Carroll / Warnick Wedding 12/14/13

T his particular wedding was our last wedding of 2013, and we couldnt have ended our year any better then this wedding! For starters, Laura and Jeff attended Jason and Missy Sofronski’s wedding a couple years ago that ITMEG had been a part of. Missy Sofronski told them how easy things were working with us and she highly recommended using our services.

After sitting down with Laura and Jeff to discuss their wedding in our first consultation, I already knew that it was going to be an exciting night. We talked about the type of music that they wanted and how much fun of a bridal party they had. They told me about their venue, The Atrium at The Curtis Center on Walnut Street in Philadelphia, and I was immediately excited, as I feel its one of the most beautiful venues in the city!

The scenery is beautiful, they have a giant waterfall, and we got to experience something new this time we were there. Since it was 11 days before Christmas, they got married in front of a GIANT Christmas Tree. I felt like a little kid looking at a skyscraper, almost like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2 and all he wanted to do was see the lights at the Rockafeller Center! He locked in on the most amazing string of lights his eyes have ever seen! Thats how I felt! We have done alot of different ceremonies over the years but I think this might have been my favorite set up.

After the magnificent ceremony, and a great cocktail hour, it was time to make the annoucments. As I announced the Wedding Party coming in, one of the groomsman came in wearing a “Bear Head” and that winded up being a huge hit throughout the night! It was safe to say that over 50 different people had it on throughout the night on the dancefloor!


They also had a 6 hour reception, which allowed some time for dancing before dinner. In all my years of doing this, I’ve never had a bigger crowd so early on in the night. Literally over 100, maybe 150 people were up out of their seats dancing the night away before the staff even served dinner. Which once again, proved we we’re in for a great night. Jason (DJ Grean) played a great mix of oldies, top 40, hip hop and 90s throwbacks and the crowd loved every minute of it!

I just want to thank the Warnicks for trusting ITMEG to be part of such a special day in their lives. You and your bridal party were such a treat to work with! , I must give credit to your AMAZING guests as well, for going hard on the dancefloor from the first dance song, to the last throwback!

We were also fortunate enough to be working with a great photographer named Krista Krushinski from Michaels Photograhy. It’s always a bonus to work with top notch vendors at any wedding. Thanks to Michaels Photography, we have some great moments captured on our new website that we just launched! Michaels Photography is also located in Bensalem, just a mile down the road from ITMEG.