Garner Wedding 5/30/15

Written by Harry McCloskey

jac wedding 2





This wedding was my first outdoor wedding of the season, and Im pretty sure it may have been the HOTTEST day of 2015 so far! With that being said, it still turned out to be an amazing day! When Jacqueline first came to me about DJing her wedding, I was so honored! I’ve known this women since she was about 7 years old! Her older brother Bobby has been one of my best friends since grade school and the whole family knew In The Mix could throw a party!

The venue was at a beautiful lakeside in Telford Pa. The ceremony was such a picture perfect scene. And to top it off,  JacqMcfadden Weddingueline’s father Frank not only walked her down the aisle, but he also married the couple as well! I could tell he was a little nervous, but I’ve seen alot of ceremonies over the years and I think he did a great job!

DJ Skitlz had the guest going throughout the day, and the crowd were requesting alot of sing along songs like “Livin on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi and “Hey Baby” by DJ Otzi. She kept fading the music in and out to hear everyone scream the lyrics. It was a fun sight to see! Also watching the couples young son Charlie busting his moves on the dance floor was pretty awesome as well.

One of my favorite moments of the day was watching the brides little sister Kelli sing  “Makin Plans” by Miranda Lambert that was dedicated to the couple and also to her mother whose no longer with us. They also had a memorial placed next to the head table that was made by one of the bridesmaids. I’ve seensome cool memorials at weddings for family members who are no longer with us, but nothing quite like this. The fact that I personally knew this women for 20+ years, it definitely brought a tear to my eye seeing this!

bobbys mom

Thanks again to the new Mr. and Mrs. Garner for having In The Mix Event Group be part of your special day! Special thanks also goes out to the Brides cousin Annie who helped coordinate everything through out the day and to Say Creative for the great photos!






Sevick Wedding 5/29/15

Written by Harry McCloskey


This was another wedding that stood out for us! It all started back in 2009 when ITMEG DJed the Sofronski wedding, which lead us to book the Warnick Wedding in 2013, which also led us to book the Bahr(7/18/15) and Sevick weddings in 2015!


Sevick WeddingSo just like I posted in a blog last week, I’ll say it again, it’s the greatest honor in the world to be part of another group of couples that have all used In The Mix Event Group! Driving to these weddings always get me pumped up, when I know that there’s going be at least 4 couples there I know and know how to party!


This wedding was at the beautiful Philadelphia Ballroom in Northeast Philadelphia. As we started getting set up, we noticed that David Bellen Photography was going to be our partners for the night! We have done multiple weddings together in the past and its always a treat to work with true professionals! I first met David a couple years back at a personal friends wedding! We have some of his work hanging around our office!


So the party officially started as soon as  the introductions begin and two of the groomsman came out completely dressed as a fireman and football players uniform while “Its Raining Men” by the Weather Girls came on! It was a sight to see! The bridal party was pretty rowdy coming out and knew once again we were in for a good time!


As the dance floor officially opened, it was a packed from the first song! Guests of all ages were out there strutting their stuff and I would have to say my favorite moment of the night was when “Cant Touch This” by MC Hammer came on. There was a huge circle on the dance floor and everyone was taking their turn to jump in the middle and show off their dance moves! But it wasn’t until I seen the groom’s mom dancing around like it was her favorite song in the world and ended her dance with a full blown split right in the middle of the dance floor! My jaw hit the floor! It was by far the highlight of my night!


All and all the wedding was a success and I can’t wait to get crazy with a lot of the same people in a couple weeks at The Bahr wedding in July! Melissa and LJ thanks so much for putting your faith in ITMEG, we hope you had an unforgettable night like we did!

Marasheski Wedding 4/24/15

One of our firsIMG_1388t weddings this year was at the  Cescaphe Ballroom in Philadelphia and talk about a beautiful venue! Wow! This place is amazing! Everything from the elegant reception room, to the delicious food served, the stage was already set to have an amazing night! Plus, I was excited to see Michael and Krista from Michaels Photography on the job with us that night! We work a lot of weddings together with our offices being a mile away from each other. It’s always a pleasure getting to work with them, and they take such amazing shots!


When I first sat down with Kristen and Mike to go over the details, they made it very clear to me that they wanted to PARTY! We went over a lot of different songs that they wanted and couple must plays, that they knew would make their guest go WILD! When I went up to the bridal suite during the cocktail hour to greet them, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier looking groom. Mike pulled me aside and told me how happy he was to marry his dream girl and that the bridal party was so stoked to start dancing. Nothing gets me more excited then a hyped up bridal party to start off a wedding.

stone wedding 2


As soon as dinner was over DJ Grean was ready to put on a show! “Aint To Proud To Beg” by The Temptations was the first song he played to open up the dance floor and it was magic from that moment on! The dance floor was packed up until the last song! I would just like to thank Mr and Mrs Marasheski for having ITMEG part of their unforgettable night and to their bridal party for making it easy for me to keep the energy going on the dance floor throughout the course of the night! The brides younger sister told me that when she gets married that we will be getting a phone call! Hearing that makes me love my job even more! I’d be honored to work for this family again!


Carroll / Warnick Wedding 12/14/13

T his particular wedding was our last wedding of 2013, and we couldnt have ended our year any better then this wedding! For starters, Laura and Jeff attended Jason and Missy Sofronski’s wedding a couple years ago that ITMEG had been a part of. Missy Sofronski told them how easy things were working with us and she highly recommended using our services.
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