Arvind Singh

I grew up in Brooklyn and from as far back as I can remember I was always listening to music. Completely intrigued by the sounds of Hip Hop and Pop Music. I was envious of the tricks and cool sounds that “DJs” such as Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri and DJ AM were creating. I remember going into a party and listening to a DJ that is still of my top 5 until this day (DJ Excel). I watched him set the tone for the evening, creating an energy that made you “JUST DANCE”. At that point I knew that this is what I wanted to do; just make people feel good. I have DJ’d for some of the biggest venues in the tristate area, from rocking the Wells Fargo Center to making many couples and their families never forgetting their big day! I am also a resident DJ for Macys and I am a full time student at Temple University majoring in Media Studies & Production. In my free time I am always looking for new music, playing tennis or simply enjoying the day.

Dj Rv
Brooklyn NY
Harry S Truman