Stephanie and Stephen came to our offices planning a rustic Christmas
wedding. The couple wanted to have winter woodland themes in their
city ceremony and reception. The design was up to us but Stephanie
wanted wood elements, gold accents, and real snow. It was quite a
challenge but nothing In The Mix Event Group cannot handle. We chose
to print the couple’s invitations, hotel cards, and rsvp cards on
strawcaft cardstock which is a brown newsprint type paper. Then we
hand painted individual snowflakes with white paints on each card.
These invites were then mounted on white paper and placed inside a
petal fold pocket made from cardstock with a wood grain pattern. This
was wrapped and sealed with a gold paper ribbon and monogram. The
unique style and beauty of these invitations were unlike anything
Stephanie and Steven’s guests had ever scene. Their glossy thank-you
photo postcards featured and photo of the couple posing in front of
winter trees that completed the invitation suite.

This invite includes:

Invitation: 110# Strawcraft Cardstock

Pocket: Tindalo Wood Petal Fold Pocket

Mount: 110# Gold Leaf Cardstock

Band: 110# Gold Leaf Cardstock

Envelope: Strawcarft Invitation Envelope