August 25, 2017 Harry


Everything you need to know about getting married in paradise.

By: Gregg Wood


Destination Weddings can be an amazing experience. The perfect weather, the perfect setting, the perfect celebration; they can all be a short plane ride away. Destination weddings can seem to plan themselves. You make a few selections via telephone and everything is set. Your guests will be paying for their own trip so all you have to do is get a dress or suit and walk down the aisle. This can be all well and good, however this may also lead to some regrets after the sun sets on the horizon and your wedding is complete. In The Mix Event Group is here to help by making sure you know the ins-and-outs of destination planning and give you some things to think about before signing the check for your wedding abroad.

Destination_3For some reason people think beach when they hear the words “destination wedding.” There are so many more destinations from coast to coast. We all know the sandy beaches of the Caribbean and the fiesta lifestyle of Mexico will make a great setting for your wedding, but think outside the box. Maybe a wedding on the shores of Washington state with orca whales and purple mountains majesty is more your style. What about the sprawling vineyards of southern California for a wedding where the wine is flowing all night? The Latin flair of Miami can heat up the dancefloor for your guests as a glowing sunset falls in the background. Whichever you chose make sure your first step is to read the resort reviews. Brides have no problem expressing their frustrations with a resort or venue when the staff dropped the ball on their big day. Reviews on facebook and google can not be deleted by a venue and will give you true insight into whether your wedding will be a fit for royalty or a royal disaster.

Any resort you chose for your destination wedding will have a house DJ. As an entertainment company we know that a great DJ could make or break your wedding. You may be tempted to just book the house DJ and be done with it. Stop right there. Slow your roll for a second and think about every wedding you have ever attended. The DJ has a lot of responsibilities. In addition to keeping the dancefloor packed, the DJ also makes announcements for you and your bridal party. If getting married in Mexico or the Caribbean it is more than likely that English is not the house DJs native language. The DJ has to play the right song at the right moment, such as when you have your first dance. When getting married abroad you will have very little interaction with your DJ before you head down the aisle. Are you comfortable with having a DJ you never met be the most important part of your wedding? In The Mix Event Group suggests having a DJ travel with you. You can have multiple meetings with your DJ if they are local to where you live, you can go over every detail of your music, and you can be sure that the DJ you hired will be well prepared for the big day. Couples save money when having a destination wedding because guests pay for their own trip. We suggest putting some of those savings into making sure the most important part of your wedding (the DJ) is exactly what you want for your celebration.

Nothing is worse than a beautiful destination wedding with no guests because their travel accommodations weren’t correct. Just as much thought should go into your travel agent that did into your venue and DJ. When choosing a destination for your nuptials think about a few key things. How easy is it to travel there? How long does it take to get there? How much is it going to cost guests to travel? If you pick a destination that is fourteen hours travel time between a plane ride and a boat ride and will cost guests $2,500 in travel they are not going to come. You want a beautiful wedding in the setting of your choice, but a wedding isn’t any fun without your closest friends and family there to celebrate with you. Before you book the venue contact your travel agent. Ask the agent if they have ever book travel for destination weddings in this country before. Ask the agent if they have heard of any nightmare stories from former clients about wedding destinations to steer clear from. Ask the agent an estimated cost for your guests to attend the wedding. You can even ask the agent if they have any suggestions for wedding locations that were simply splendid for other couples. They book travel for a living and can point you in the right direction.

Destination_2Dressing for the occasion is very important. Think about where you are getting married. Long sleeves don’t work in St. Thomas. Short dresses won’t work in Alaska. Same goes for the guys. Don’t try and wear wool in the islands or linen on a glacier. You will either end up with sweat stains that go from pit to belt loop or your teeth chattering in every photo. Ladies, whatever you do… PLEASE don’t wear ball gowns on the beach. You look like that girl in Starbucks that is wearing Uggs in the summer. It don’t work. That is all.

We hope this helps you plan the perfect destination wedding. The team here at In The Mix Event Group can help you with an awesome DJ and an awesome travel agent to keep your big day running smooth no matter which country you tie the knot it!