August 25, 2017 Harry

Get with the Program!

WeddingProgram_Blog_GraphicWhy you need wedding programs to complete your upcoming ceremony.

By: Gregg Wood


If you have been to a wedding within the last 5 years, chances are you saw a wedding program. It was that piece of paper you picked up on your way into the ceremony. After reading over the program it conveniently doubled as a fan because your boyfriend’s cousin just had to get married in the middle of August on the hottest day of the year. As wedding trends change with each season, programs are becoming a staple of the ceremony seen more and more. Many people wonder what a program is and why you need it. It may not be a necessity, however it is a nice touch. There are three main reasons to include a program at your wedding and the creative team here at In The Mix Event Group is here to tell you all about them.

The first purpose of your program is to serve as an itinerary to your ceremony and reception. You have gone through a lot of prepping and planning to make your wedding a beautiful experience for both yourself and the guests celebrating with you. Use your program to outline the day so guests know what fun things are you have in store. Include a timeline of your ceremony with the events, special readings or songs, and other personal touches you added while you exchange vows. After the ceremony, let guests know what will be happening at the reception. Signature drinks, that fun photo booth in the corner, special dances, family customs, and entertainment appearances are all things you will include on your program. You want to tell guests what you have for them to enjoy so they don’t miss it. WedProgram4

Another purpose of a program is to introduce the team to your guests. You have assembled your best friends and siblings in your bridal party. Your parents and grandma are in attendance with love and support. Your officiant, readers, singers, and other helpers are ready to do their part. The program is a nice way to acknowledge these people. They have planned your shower and final flings. They helped shop and get it all together without a complaint (to your face). Using your program to show that they were an important part of your special day is a nice gesture in their honor, and a fun way to let your guests know who they are.

A grWedProgram1eat way to use a program is to send a message to your guests. Do you have a close family member or friend that left us too soon and are not able to physically be a part of your wedding? Include an “in memory” section on the program to remember these people. Are you excited to see the crazy pictures that your guests post on social media after the wedding? Include your own unique wedding hashtag on your program so guests will tag their photos for everyone to see. Sometimes couples choose to make a donation in their guest’s name to a charity instead of spending the cash on wedding favors. Your program is the perfect place to explain why no one will be leaving your wedding with a tiny bag of almonds or the mini bubble wand they were looking forward too.

The last thing you may or may want to include on your program is a little insight into you as a couple. People are there to celebrate with you, but do they really know your story? Do they know where you met or where he popped the question? Do they know what kind of pets you share or your favorite weekend hobbies? Tell your guests a little about what makes you the perfect match for each other.

So as you plan for your save the date announcements and invitations, also think about your wedding program. What would you want to include? Who do you want people to know is important to your wedding? Adding a wedding program is a unique way to give guests all the details about why your wedding is going to be a night to remember.