August 31, 2015 Harry

Hansen/Huang Wedding 8/8/15

Written By: Gregg Wood

On August 8, 2015 I had the pleasure of officiating the nuptials of Evan and Katherine Hansen in a beautiful ceremony at Celebrations in Bensalem. From the moment I met this couple I knew they were two souls devoted to each other, and it was truly an honor to officially mark the start of their lives together by declaring them husband and wife.

I liked this couple from th11855723_10100545891411615_3431109992373391063_ne moment I met them at our first meeting. Evan seemed like a genuine guys guy, and Katherine was a fun and energetic woman with a skill for good conversation. I learned all about how the couple met, and their move across the state, and how weddings are so different in Philly from western Pennsylvania.


Evan and Katherine’s wedding was a unique affair. Katherine incorporated multiple influences from the couples Chinese and Italian heritage. The first thing I noticed was the brides multiple dress changes. She wore multiple gowns throughout theIMG_20150808_205005 night, one of which was a traditional red Chinese garment with intricate gold details. Each gown was more beautiful then the last. During the ceremony the couple conducted a Chinese Tea Ceremony. During this ceremony the couple kneel before a pair of chairs. Family members come to the chairs, sit, are served tea by the couple, and then give them their wedding gift. As a guest it was fantastic to witness. Katherine also created beautiful origami flowers that held Jordan almonds which are often seen at Italian weddings. The time and effort put in to those pieces is only something a true artist possesses.


Katherine and Evan chose to use In ThIMG_20150808_225704e Mix Event Group to provide a selfie station for their guests as well. This set up included fun props and other items for their guests to take great selfies and group photos at the wedding. After searching online some hilarious photos were taken at the selfie station. It was a true success.

At the end of the day I was able to marry two beautiful people in a beautiful summer ceremony. I wish Evan and Katherine years of happiness together! 祝贺