June 18, 2015 Harry

Hoch Wedding 6/6/15

Written by Harry McCloskey
bridal party


This wedding was an unforgettable experience for us! Where do I even begin! For starters this was a “back yard wedding” but nothing about that phrase explains how big their “back yard” is! The Hoch wedding took place on their 11 acre land in beautiful Burlington NJ.



As I greeted the cowboy groom, he was anxious to see his bride! What I was anxious for, was to see the bride come trotting along on a big horse towards the ceremony area! It was something I have never seen before, and it was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen at a ceremony! So not only was it a cowboy themed wedding, but the officiant even had a cowboy hat on! The reception was filled with girls wearing dresses and cowboy boots!


Did I mention that I love horsehorses and that its been years since I’ve been around any? Or that I got a couple horse selfies throughout the day!! I know these lovable creatures loved all the attention, or just maybe we all enjoyed giving them some!




Harry w: crowd

As the reception went on throughout the day, I was a little worried that we wouldn’t have as big as a crowd on the dance floor as normal because of the heat, but that was no stopping this group! DJ Skitlz was on her A game and had the crowd going all day into the night.  To be honest this crowd got a little rowdy as the night went on, but nothing that Emcee Harry and DJ Skitlz couldnt handle! One of my favorite moments of the day was showing the grooms nephew how to do “The Wobble”  And I must say for a little kid, he was pretty on point about it!

Harry Wobble

All and all it was a remarkable day, and we had a great time. The food was amazing compliments of Smokin Dudes. We also met Lauren from L Michelle Photography and not only was she on point with everything, but the pictures I’ve seen turned out amazing! I will definitely recommend her to our future clients!

This is the second Hoch wedding that In The Mix Event Group has been a part of! We did the grooms brother’s wedding last year, and happy to announce that we’re doing the grooms sisters wedding next year! Looking forward to getting to party with this fun family all over again! Thanks again to Jessie and Sara for having us be part of their special day! I hope we helped make it everything you ever wanted! See you at the next Hoch wedding!