November 29, 2017 Harry

Island Vibes: How to TASTEFULLY Give Your Local Wedding a Touch of the Caribbean

IslandVibes_TitleBannerAnyone getting married first needs to choose their perfect setting. You might chose a venue with natural woods to play off of your rustic theme, or a hall with white marble and twinkling light fixtures to convey a winter wonderland atmosphere. For many couples the perfect atmosphere would be on a beach in the Caribbean, but the reality of a destination wedding just isn’t in their budget. In The Mix Event Group has some great tips on how to bring a touch of the islands to your local wedding in a tasteful way. When planning and executing the perfect island wedding think about how you will bring the islands to each of your guests five senses – see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

Your venue or location will be the first way you convey the islands in your wedding. When someone mentions the Caribbean people will think of ocean waves. Start by researching venues that are on or near water. A local boat house, riverfront venue, or yacht club could be the perfect place to tie the knot. In 2015 In The Mix Event Group helped Livio and Justine DiRubbo plan a picture perfect waterside wedding at The Keyport Yacht Club in North Jersey complete with boats, gentle waters, and silhouettes of New York City in the distance. We have also provided sound to picturesque beach weddings in Atlantic City, Stone Harbor and other Jersey Shore destinations. The ocean and a little sun will have your guests gazing upon an island-like scene while they smell the fresh ocean breeze scent we all love.GetWet_Pic1
Reggae music is an easy way to bring the islands home. There are tons of great reggae jams for your cocktail hour that will have guests swaying in the breeze with every tap of the Caribbean steel drum. It does not have to be all Bob Marley. John and Jen Yerkov requested in the Mix Event Group play a reggae cocktail hour at their 2017 wedding at Stone Harbor Yacht Club. Guests were enjoying the vibe while sipping cocktails right on the bay. Reggae is feel good music, and even if guests don’t know the song they will be transported to the islands simply by sound. Check out this Spotify playlist with some of In The Mix’s favorite reggae jams to stimulate your guests ear drums. (
The taste of your wedding is important. From the time guests get to your reception to the time they leave they will be eating, drinking, eating, and drinking some more. Start by picking signature cocktails that use Carribean inspired ingredients like rum, blue curacao, pineapple, and coconut. The drinks will give people the memory of the last time they were clutching a pina colada on a beach somewhere. Your cocktail hour appetizers will also help guests taste the island. Ask your venue if they can prepare simple and light finger foods that include the flavors of island dishes like seafood, chicken, fruit based salsas, etc.©Alexis June Weddings | Aisle Society Loves Sandals, Sandals South Coast, Jamaica | NYC + Destination Wedding PhotographerBoozin_Pic3

One of the best things to do when in the Caribbean is relax under the shade of a beautiful palm tree. They provide protection from the sun while beach bathing or swimming, and look beautiful along the coast of all the Caribbean islands. You cannot bring full palm trees into your venue, but you can have your florist put palm leaves in your floral arrangements. Omar and Tiffany Khanataev had a beautiful waterfront wedding along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, and our creative director Gregg was able to incorporate the palm leaves they chose for their table arrangements into their gorgeous invitation suite and other print.


So don’t think that you can’t have your dream island wedding just because a trip to the Caribbean isn’t in the cards for you. The planning team at In The Mix Event Group is ready to bring the island vibes to your wedding no matter where it is. Plan a free consultation and see what we can do for you.