June 21, 2016 Harry

Marchione/Kashow Wedding 7/9/16

kashow 2When Chris and Kira first walked into our office I feel like we immediately clicked with the concept of what they wanted at their wedding. Then when I heard that they wanted to do a “Flash Mob” at their wedding, I was instantly excited to hear more! Like every couple on their wedding day, they wanted a big party! Who doesn’t right? I remember thinking back to the thought of opening up the dance floor while the bridal party breaks out into a full blown choreographed skit, it made me want the wedding to be the following weekend! Sadly, it was only early 2015 at this point!

So as the big day anxiously arrived, DJ Los and I were pumped for the party! The weather was looking like it was going to rain off and on all day. As we arrived at the beautiful Manor House at Commonwealth, the ceremony was all set up to be inside because of the rain. The bride really had her heart set on having her ceremony outside. The staff at the Manor House checked the weather forecast one more time and they gave the green light for everything to be outside. The couple were thrilled because that’s how they envisioned everything would take place. It winded up being such a beautiful ceremony after all with no rain in sight.

As everyone was sat in the reception room, the bridal party was anxiously practicing their moves in the cocktail room as we were lining up for the formal introductions.  After the crowd screamed as the brkaskow 5ide and groom entered the room and dinner was served, it was time for the big show! The show I have been so hyped to see happen was finally about to go down! As the song started you hear “Ladies and Gentleman, Lets Get Ready To Rumble”  and like a fire alarm going off, the whole bridal party including the bride and groom ran to the dance floor for their skit! Not only was this an unforgettable moment, but they pulled it off flawlessly! The best part was, halfway through the song they all grabbed guests from the dance floor and it might have been the quickest we’ve seen 120 people on a dance floor to start a party! From that moment  on, DJ Los put on an incredible mix that had the crowd going til the very last song! The electricity in the room was insane! As the kids today would say “This wedding was Lit”

I just want to send a special shout out to Chris and Kira for not only trusting us on their big day, but for an unforgettable evening! Thanks again, and we can’t wait to be part of your family’s next big event in the future! Plus, Im looking forward to getting to see some great pictures from the wedding! Always a pleasure to get to work with Krista and Mike from Michaels Photography! Can’t wait to see Flash Mob pictures!


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