February 21, 2016 Harry

Masciocchi Wedding 2/13/16

Written by: Harry McCloskey

Entertainment- In The Mix Event Group

Photography- Lisa Varley Photography


The Masciocchi Wedding was our first wedding of the 2016 season, the reception took place about 1 and a half miles from our office at the Pen Ryn Mansion. We don’t mind traveling for weddings, but when it’s this close to our office, it’s definitely an exciting start! I’ve known the bride Deena since we were in 4th grade! I often post about how much it means to me to have childhood friends contact me for one of the biggest days of their lives! Plus, its always great to see so many people I grew up with in one room, it was almost like a mini grade school reunion!

deena 6

Deena and Ray came in my office and said the same thing a lot of couples say, “They want a party!” Which is always something I want future clients to tell me! There’s nothing more I want then a party with everyone on the dance floor all night long.  The bridal party was hyped up from the very beginning and that’s always a good sign to know the reception is going to be a blast!

deena 2

With that being said, the dance floor was packed all night, the bridal party held set a tone from the beginning and it didn’t slow down once throughout the night! One of my favorite moments of the night was watching the bride take the microphone and singing the entire “Mo Money Mo Problems” song! There was a huge crowd around her doing it and the energy in the room was amazing!

deena 3

In conclusion, I think the wedding was a total success! Deena and Ray seemed to have the time of their lives, and their guests seemed to be warn out by the end of the night! In this business, we call that a “win win!”  We would just like to thank Deena and Ray for having us be a part of their wedding day and a big shout out to their bridal party and guests for making our jobs that much easier for being on the dance floor all night long!

deena 4