August 25, 2017 Harry



In The Mix Event Group had the honor of providing the music for Dan and Mia Solt as they wed at the beautiful Inn at Twin Linden in Narvon, Pennsylvania. Laurie and her daughter Kendal run a wonderful rustic inn that can be the perfect location for a small wedding or other celebration.

20170603_1809072Mia and Dan needed to put together their wedding with only two weeks to plan and In The Mix Event Group was happy to help them in a crunch. First and foremost the weather for Dan and Mia’s wedding was perfection; a bright sun gleaming, a nice light breeze, and not a cloud in the sky. The inn backs up to what seems like miles and miles of vivid green farmland and open blue skies. Mia, a hair and makeup artist based in New York looked the image of perfection as expected. Dan looked equally as dapper in his tan suit as he awaited to marry his best friend. The open outdoor area where Dan and Mia’s wedding was held had great features that provided a charming rustic look to their wedding day. A floral archway served as the ceremony area where the couple exchanged vows. After their ceremony guests wandered across the lawn to a covered portico entwined with natural branches around the columns and roof. This is where beverages and cocktail fare were served. Under a nearby tent framed in lights their dinner was served to guests as they chatted around long family-style seating tables adorned with beautiful flower arrangements.

DJ Panix played a young and upbeat set for the couple and their group. During dinner a mix of 90’s and early 2000’s music was enjoyed. As the sun set the partyIMG_4599 began. Top 40, bachata, pop, and hip hop had the guests making good use of the dance floor that was set up for the event. The sun was down and the twinkling lights were bright as the end of their six hour wedding celebration neared. It was sad to see it end, but it was more than apparent that all of their guests enjoyed the casual wedding atmosphere and exciting party.

In The Mix Event Group wants to congratulate Dan and Mia on their marriage and we wish them lots of love, luck, and a bright future. Luck isn’t needed when you are as perfect for each other as Dan and Mia are. We were honored that our team was able to provide the music for their impromptu wedding, and we would love to be part of Dan and Mia’s next life celebration.