November 29, 2017 Harry

Thompson/Clerkin – 10/07/17

By: Joe Sanchez

thompson_photo2Where to begin? From surprise slideshow presentations, to dueling pianos, to even a Michael Jackson impersonator, this wedding involved a plethora of events and challenges for Jim and me as a DJ/Emcee duo, but at the end of the night, we had everyone wanting the party to never end.

Jim the DJ was stationed on a balcony overlooking the entire ballroom all night, which had me separated from him practically the entire night.  Since Jim and I have worked many weddings together, our ability to foresee what the others next move and communicate from far away helped us have the wedding go off without problem. The great cooperation from the catering staff at the Regal Ballroom was also a big help. It made the night run smoothly.  We made sure all events planned for the night were scheduled at the right time and nothing ran on for too long.  I also give the staff props for being able to feed 250 people a la carte and still give us enough time to party the night away (almost 2 hours of nothing but dancing!).


From the cocktail hour until the end of dinner, we had the company of dueling pianists, who worked with us by playing standby music when needed and livening up the crowd prior to our set starting.  With songs like “Sweet Caroline” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, the pianists had the crowd singing and ready to party, which made for a great party transition. A Michael Jackson impersonator arrived on the scene during the reception and had everyone awestruck.  His performance was out of this world and it felt like we were in the presence of the King of Pop himself! His energy and crowd involvement allowed us to rally the party back to where it left off.  He even stayed and partied with us after his performance.  Truly a great ode to the King of Pop!

Kelly and Kevin are a great couple who knew how to have a good time. We were honored to be a part of their special day and wish them many years of happiness together.THOMPSON_PIC3